Keepers Think Mom’s Baby Is Dead After Labor Lasts 3 Days, Then She Rolls Over to Give Birth

Pandas are without a question some of the most adorable living creatures on Earth. And Panda lovers all across the world got some pretty good news not a long while ago, when it was announced that Pandas are no longer endangered species. Conservationist stated that the Giant Pandas have been downgraded from ‘Endangered’ to ‘Vulnerable’ on the global list of species at risk of extinction.

This is of course a major achievement, an achievement that proves how an integrated approach can help save our planet’s incredible animal diversity, diversity that is unfortunately at risk of vanishing if we don’t increase our efforts.

It’s important that we take great care of these animals, especially in captivity, and provide all necessary conditions for them to help perpetuate their species. The Panda in the video below was at risk of losing her unborn baby, but when their caretakers assumed the worse has happened and the baby died in her mother’s womb, the most incredible thing happened.

After three days of excruciating labor, the Panda mom beat all the odds and delivered her beautiful offspring. This Panda mom is definitely a fighter that would endure whatever it takes to protect her baby.

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