Baby is crawling on the floor. When she sees a little puppy and does THIS? Dad can’t stop LAUGHING

There’s nothing cuter than a baby in an onesie crawling on the floor, right? Well, maybe just a little baby in an onesie crawling on the floor while trying to hold a conversation with a puppy.
When you stop to think about it, babies and puppies actually have a lot in common. They’re both discovering new and exciting things every single day. They both have some troubles expressing what they want and feel. And they both think their mom and dad are probably a little nutty judging by all the faces they make and how they talk sometimes.
This means puppies and babies would most likely have a lot of things to talk about. There’s only one problem: they don’t exactly speak the same language. Even so, the baby and the puppy in the video below appear to have found a mutual way of understanding each other. The way they interact is so cute that it actually might make you cry!
The puppy seems to understand cute baby language. But judging by the dog’s reaction and tonality, the pup doesn’t always agree with what the baby is saying. Witness their adorable little feud by watching the video below!

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