This baby hippo looks doomed… until Mama shows up

Lions are the king of the jungle, which means that the rest of the animals are sort of like the menu at a restaurant. What a lion wants, a lion gets. Well, at least usually. There’s power in numbers, and union is strength. In the animal world, this means that there’s always hope when it comes to standing up to the mighty lion.
Yes, lions are strong and deadly, but they usually hunt alone, or in very small groups. This means that, if they are outnumbered, lions can sometimes walk away from a prey with an empty stomach.
Animals that are usually targeted by lions tend to stick around with their herd which can protect them if something goes bed. It’s the case of the hippo in the video below.
He was about to become lunch for a bunch of hungry lions, but his mom came to his rescue. Now, a female hippo can weigh up to 2000 pounds, so you can see why it might be a reputable opponent even for the seemingly unbeatable lion.
Family is super important, even in the animal world, and this mom can’t stand it when someone picks on her baby. Take a look:

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