Baby Girl Looks Straight at Mommy, Delivers “Fake Cry” That Has Internet In Laughter

Before they learn to properly speak, crying is children’s sole way of expressing themselves to get their needs addressed. So babies cry. A lot. That’s a fact that every parent knows way to well. But have you ever wondered why babies cry so much and why they seem to do it suddenly at times? Well, when they are really young, babies typically cry to let their parents know they are hungry, that they need comforting or that their diapers need changing.
But the older they get, the more they realize that crying can also be used to get what they want- not just what they need. The adorable baby girl in the video below figured out early on that she can use crying to get her way.
But mom caught on to her pretty quickly as well. That’s because mom knows exactly how her real cry is different from the toddler’s fake cry, so she made it clear that she was not going to spoil her. Still, mom couldn’t get upset as the baby’s fake cry is absolutely hilarious. If this doesn’t put a smile on our face, then I don’t know what will. Take a look:

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