Artist Transforms Old Farm Equipment into Incredible Sculptures Like None You’ve Seen

It never ceases to amaze me what creative people can do. In the right hands, even an old piece of metal that many people would describe as junk can turn into an exquisite work of art. And artist John Lopez is the perfect example of that.
Amongst the ranches of South Dakota, the man spends his days skillfully welding unbelievable assemblages using scrap metal and discarded farm tools that he collects from all over.
His massive constructions are larger-than-life recreations of bears, bulls, horses and other animals that perfectly capture the iconography of the American West. The aesthetic of his work mixes some of the mishmash punk sensibility with an industrial look that is very appealing to look at. What’s more, the constructions are eco-friendly and full of personality, and look like anything you’ve ever seen before.
From up close, these metal menageries may just look like a bunch of metals randomly welded together, but as soon as you step back and look at the metal “sculpture” as a whole, its beauty is revealed.
This is for sure not something you see every day, so go ahead and share this with others who would appreciate this unique art as well.

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