Amidst All the Rumors, Jackie Evancho Comes Forward with News No One Saw Coming

Jackie Evancho’s career started when she was just ten years old. Then, the classical music singer took the stage on America’s Got Talent with her soft, graceful voice.
But Jackie really came to a turning point in her career when she agreed to do a “job” that no other artists seemed willing to do, and that is to sing at the inaugural ceremony for President Trump.
With all the controversy surrounding the election, Jackie faced serious backlash after her decision to take the inaugural stage, which has left her career as a singer in jeopardy. Some critics actually went as far as calling it “career suicide.”
Still, despite all the negativity surrounding her performance, Jackie says that she doesn’t regret her decision and that she’s proud that her name will go down on a long, historical list of people who sang at the inauguration.
However, she admits that her stance in politics has affected her fan base. But the criticism not only affected her professional life but also her personal life. That’s because some of the ideas promoted by the White House regarding gay rights has a direct impact on Jackie’s sister who is gay.
To find out more about this and hear Jackie talk about how her life has changed post-inauguration, check out the video below.

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