Amazing Ultrasound: What Was The Baby Doing In His Mother’s Belly?

They did not come to believe what they’ve seen on the baby’s first ultrasound. The baby’s gesture left them speechless !
He’s the first smiling baby in the world! The little boy is smiling even from the womb.The baby fromt the picture began to smile since he was in his mother’s womb and never stopped from doing so.
With a smile from ear to ear, the photo below depicts Leo, the happiest baby in the world. His parents think he’s the happiest kid since and since then he has not stopped for a second from smiling. The picture was taken when he was 31 weeks and it was seen by ultrasound. His mother, aged 24, and her life partner are incredibly happy. “That was just the beginning, then he was always smiling, even now after he was born, he just smiles and sleeps …”



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