AMAZING father saves the ball, baby, and the bratwurst

Dads…they come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one goal in common: to keep their kids safe and healthy. All dads deserve credit for all the effort they put into raising their children, but the dad in the video below definitely deserves some extra points when it comes to this whole parenthood thing.
The man was at a baseball game with his young kid. That alone is a big achievement. The man was all settled in in his seat, had a bunch of hotdogs in his hand, and the kid was sitting in his lap. You might say he already had a lot on his hands (we mean that literally), but that didn’t stop him from catching a stray ball coming from the baseball field.
This awesome dad managed to make an impressive catch, and he didn’t even drop his hot dogs. In fact, he made it look super easy. Still, it’s a pretty impressive catch. If that was me, I would have most likely drop the kid. Game hot dogs are usually scrumptious! I’m going to be an amazing parent.
Fatherhood: this guy is doing it right! You’ll want to see this!

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