A Retired Engineer Built a Backyard Disneyland for His Grandkids

For kids everywhere, a trip to Disneyland is like a dream come true. Few experiences can compete with getting to meet all of your favorite cartoon characters and going on all kinds of exciting rides. But what do you do you when you can’t go to Disneyland? Well, you just have to create your own Disneyland at home.
And the man in the video below proves it can be done. But then again, he has some skills most of us don’t have. The man, a former Boeing engineer, figured out a way to turn his backyard into a mini-sized Disneyland for his grandchildren, and the result would make any kid jealous.
Steve Dobbs put his experience, knowledge and all that free time he has now that he’s retired to good use and turned his southern California backyard into a miniature theme park. He called Dobbsland, of course, you know so that people won’t get confused.
The Madderhorn rollercoaster is the main attraction of his miniature theme park, but there are also other Disney-inspired little rides sure to get people’s attention. Still, he’s not selling tickets quite yet. The park is for his grandchildren only and their friends.
You can get an exclusive tour of this amazing miniature park by watching the video below.

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