A NASA Rocket Exploded After A Delayed Launch ! 5 Astronauts Are Dead! (Video)

The rocket named Antares exploded Tuesday after taking off from the US state of Virginia. This is the first accident since NASA shifted to private operators to deliver supplies and equipment to the International Space Station.

Rocket built and launched by Orbital Sciences Corp. took off towards the International Space Station. Orbital Sciences Shares fell after the incident, with 12.74%.

The cause of the accident is not yet known, said a NASA representative.

Orbital Sciences said: “We have confirmed that all staff are safe. We are not injured in the operations today.”

Checks by NASA have shown that the damage is limited. Antares rocket was successfully launched in four previous missions.The load destroyed in the incident on Tuesday includes a Cygnus space capsule with 4800 pounds of food and various equipment.Cygnus had to remain in orbit until November 2 after that to move to the Space Station, where astronauts were to catch it with a robotic arm and attach it to the ISS.


It seems that Orbital Sciences is trying to hide the fact that 5 astronauts are dead! Live witnesses said : ” 10 ambulances were dispatched at the scene, and some men with strange suits were carrying 4 or 5 bodies on on stretchers ! I know what I saw! I filmed the whole incident but some guys in black suits took my phone and threatened me! The truth will emerge!”



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