A homeless woman refuses to leave her six dogs for a warm bed at a shelter

The majority of people would certainly choose to have a roof over their heads, rather than face life on the streets. Homelessness is an extremely tough situation, and there are shelters designed to help those in need. Yet, a 65-year-old woman in Mexico has made the decision to live on the streets, rejecting the opportunity to stay in a shelter. Why? She refuses to part with her six dogs.

Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran, affectionately known as Chole, makes her home in a plastic garbage bin in Tijuana, sharing her humble abode with her six canine companions. She has managed to survive on the streets for the past eight years. Despite the availability of shelter, these places won’t accept her furry friends, a condition she cannot accept.

Local professional photographer, Omar Camarillo, chanced upon Chole and managed to take photos of her huddled with her dogs in her makeshift home, seeking shelter from the rain. He posted these striking images on Facebook, explaining that Chole was being coerced by the police to move into a shelter. The fear of being arrested and the possibility of her dogs being taken away haunts her.

As reported by Bored Panda, law enforcement eventually convinced Chole to secure shelter for the night. As a result, she gathered her dogs and her trash bin dwelling and is believed to have taken refuge with her son. However, she found herself back on the streets the following day. Once Omar posted the images and drew attention to Chole’s situation, a young animal enthusiast named Alejandra Cordova Castro made the decision to assist.

Castro provided Chole with blankets, socks, and provisions, as well as water. Realizing that one of Chole’s dogs was on the verge of giving birth, Castro knew immediate intervention was necessary. She relayed her actions on Facebook, appealing to others to contribute in any way possible.

Alejandra revealed in her social media update that Chole had “expressed her gratitude so many times, it moved me to tears.”

Rumors are circulating that Chole is presently covering the cost of a substandard shelter which permits her dogs, but Alejandra insists she remains on the streets and “resists relocating.” With a stroke of luck, she may soon find a more lasting housing solution for her and her cherished pets.

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