A Girl Stole$ 10,000 From Her House And Went 500 Miles By Taxi! Find Out How Much She Paid And Where She Was Headed!

Alexis Waller, a girl aged 11 years from Arkansas, stole $ 10,000 from her grand mother and then took a taxi to get to Florida,where she wanted to meet up with a boy she met online.
Immediately after shes tole the money, Alexis hopped in a taxi hoping to get to Florida. “I said I have to get in Jacksonville, Florida. He asked me if I have money and I said yes,” said the girl. Unfortunately for her, shewasn’t able to reach her destination, but got to travel 500 miles by taxi for which she paid $ 1,300.

Girl’s parents said they were extremely upset with her,but also feel relieved that nothing bad happened.


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