A Deaf Baby Experiences Hearing For The First Time… And This Is His Reaction.

Moments don’t get any more special than this one. A seven-week old baby hears for the first time and rewards his delighted parents with his very first smile.

The heart warming video shows Victorian couple Michelle and Toby Lever overwhelmed with emotion at the ‘truly amazing’ moment a specialist fits their gorgeous baby Lachlan with a hearing aid.

The baby boy, Lachlan Lever, was born with a condition that meant he had moderate to severe deafness in both of his ears. At seven weeks old, the infant was fitted with a hearing aid to restore some of his ability to hear sounds. The YouTube video shows how initially, little Lachlan is upset about having the hearing aid fitted. He begins to sniffle and cry a bit. Then, when he hears the voices of his parents for the first time, the baby displays absolute pleasure.

The video of this deaf baby hearing his first sounds as recently gone viral on YouTube, despite it being two years old already. Lachlan’s parents only decided recently to release the video of their child publicly. Lachlan is now two years old and is reported to be “doing remarkably well.”

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