9-Year-Old Said She Heard God Tell Her to Check the Bushes, Now She’s Being Called a Hero

A nine-year-old girl from Indiana has been called a hero and it’s all thanks to an extraordinary occurrence that lead to her rescuing an abandoned baby who still had his umbilical cord and placenta attached.
The young girl was outside her home on beautiful, sunny day, just enjoying the sun and looking at the bright, blue sky. Then, out of the blue, she felt something like she had never felt before. It was something grand, majestic even that had taken over her entire being. I know it sounds like a movie, but bear with me for a minute.
A voice in her head was speaking to her so clearly that the girl had no other choice than to listen to what it has to say. That voice let her know in a subtle that something was going on, and that her part in it was an important one.
And just as she was getting ready to get back inside, the girl heard something that sounded like a baby crying. Confused as she was, her first instinct was to just get back in and forget all about it. But then she remembered that powerful feeling she sensed just a few minutes earlier.
So she decided to follow the cry and then is when she came across the shocking sight of a newborn baby who was on the ground, among the bushes in her family’s backyard.
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