80-year-old pianist approaches street piano, performs magical piece that’s quickly going viral

Everybody, meet Natalie Trayling, an Australian street performer with an incredible talent. She is not famous, although she would definitely deserve to be. In fact, she is the best example that talent can often go unnoticed.
Her son Matthew actually thinks she is “arguably the best ‘unknown’ composer in the world today.” You see, the woman has always had a passion for music. It was what helped her keep going during the most difficult times in her life.
She always drew inspiration from the things she experienced and the sadness that oftentimes accompanied her on her journey through life. She put all of her emotions and feelings into her compositions, which is probably why her music is so special.
So far, Natalie has mostly shared her talent with others when playing on a public piano on the streets of Melbourne, but her son thinks her talent deserves a much bigger audience.
To help her get the recognition she deserves, her son Mathew uploaded a video of her on YouTube showing her perform one of her original compositions.
Since then, the clip got millions of views on YouTube and was shared thousands of times. Take a look:

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