8-Year-Old Steps On Stage and Performs ‘How Great Thou Art’, Entire Audience Left in Tears

For most people, getting up on a stage to perform in front of a wide audience seems like a nerve-wreaking experience. And it’s true, performing in front of a large group of people there to study your every move is no easy feat.
But, you see, some people seem born to be on stage and entertain others. And the girl in the video below is definitely one of the. Even though she is at an age where most little girls still play with dolls and are too shy to talk to other kids at the park, she has already proved she has the needed qualities to be in the entertainment business.
Her rendition of ‘How Great Thou Art’ left the entire audience in tears. In addition to having a great voice, the girl also has amazing stage presence and is able to connect to the people in the audience and beautifully convey the emotion of the song.
Dressed in a sparkly top and with her hair braided, she looked as beautiful and precious as any little girl her age, but sounded like a true professional.
This is definitely the kind of performance you should share with all of your friends and family online.

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