8 Beautiful Girls Quietly Form a Line, Then Wow the Internet with Intricate Moves

Pretty much everybody knows who Ed Sheeran is. His songs have quite literally broken the Internet! But what few people know about his is that he is actually Irish – although it would be easy to guess judging by that gorgeous red hair of his and kind smile. His grandparents were originally from Ireland, and Ed has always taken great pride in his Irish heritage.
This hasn’t gone unnoticed by his fans who are always coming up with new and exciting ways to honor Ed’s Irish background.
The video below, for instance, shows a group of beautiful and talented young women dancing to Ed Sheeran’s hit song, “Shape of You,” and it’s a performance that will definitely brighten up your day.
The style of dance is also representative to the Irish culture, and the girl’s choreography does an excellent job showcasing the best of Irish dancing. The dancers start in V-formation, and they immediately start moving the feet to the beat. Their moves are mesmerizing, but what is truly surprising about this video is how well Ed’s song fits in with this style of dancing.
Make sure to share this with others, and who knows, maybe Ed Sheeran himself will get to see it, if it hasn’t yet!

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