7-year-old asks doctors to let him die so he can donate his kidney to his dying mother

Most parents out there would give their lives if that was needed to save their children. As a parent, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your children and their well-being. There’s nothing you wouldn’t sacrifice or give up on if it would mean saving the life of your children. It’s only natural to be this way.
But in this story, the roles are reversed. A seven-year-old boy sacrificed his life to save his mother’s by giving his kidney to her.
You see, the boy was only 5-years-old when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. The boy’s mom was devastated by the news, but she made sure to be strong for the sake of her little boy. She offered him all the support, love and care a mother can give her child, but soon after her son received the terrible diagnosis, more bad news followed.
The woman found out she was also suffering from a severe kidney disease. Both she and her boy were hospitalized in the same medical institution, so they slept by each other’s side every single night.
The woman needed dialysis for her kidney disease while the poor little boy needed to be closely monitored for his tumor. While the doctors were pretty optimistic about the woman’s chances to recover, her medical condition actually started to deteriorate fast.
Meanwhile, the cancer was having devastating effects on the boy’s body, leaving him blind and paralyzed. At that point, the doctors intervened and came up with a suggestion that had immediate consequences.
Make sure to grab a box of tissue before you hit play because there’s no way you can watch this without getting tears in your eyes.

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