6-year-old dog whisperer rescues pooch in Hollister

I’ve always believed dogs and children share a special connection. It’s like they both know the same secret, or maybe it’s because of their shared innocence and unique way of looking at the world. No matter what the explanation might be, there’s no denying that children and dogs are a match made in Heaven.
And the story shown in the video below is just one more example that this is true. You see, Meghan Topping, the adorable six-year-old in the clip, sees herself as somewhat of a dog whisperer. And it’s not all in her head.
The little girl proved she has somewhat of a special gift when she recently helped recover a lost dog. Daisy, a shepherd-mix, was adopted from a Northern California animal shelter by a loving family. However, the dog was probably having a hard time adjusting to her new home and managed to find her way out of the family’s backyard on her second day there.
The family immediately started looking for her, urging everyone on social media to help them find her. And soon, the dog was spotted running around. But although people continue to report seeing Daisy, no one could actually get close enough to her to take her home. No one until Meghan, that is.
The little girl immediately managed to make a connection with Daisy. “She told me. Because you can talk to dogs in your brain. She told me if Mom stayed in the truck she would come to me and I believed it,” the little girl said remembering that special moment she shared with Daisy.
Thanks to her, the dog is now safe and back with her family
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