These 6 Simple Exercises Will Transform Your Body in Just 4 Weeks

New year, new you? If you decided 2017 is going to be the year you are going to start making a serious effort towards building your best body, then you’ll need to arm yourself with a lot of patience and the right information to help you be successful at reaching your goals.

Without motivation and a proven exercise routine, there’s a high risk you’re NY resolutions are going to go down the drain as fast as you can say “pass me that bag of chips.”

That being said, when it comes to physical exercise, you often don’t need to work harder to get better results – you just need to work smarter.

Here are seven exercises that will help you work all major muscle groups, tone up your body, and get in shape fast:

  • The plank might not require a lot of moving, but it does work. When executed correctly, it works all major muscle groups and tones your body from your shoulders to your calves.
  • Bird-Dog. This is an exercise yoga-practitioners swear by. Begin the exercise by standing on all your fours, and extend one leg and the opposite arm straight up, changing sides.
  • If you want a perfectly round booty, squats are something that shouldn’t miss from your exercise routine. Add weights if you need more of a challenge.
  • Push-Ups. This is an essential exercise if you want to build upper body strength. If you’re a beginner, modify this exercise by doing push-ups from your knees.
  • As much as you might dread this exercise, it’s a must. There are different variations you can do, but make sure not to skip your ab workout.
  • Oblique Twits. This is another ab-shredder exercise that will help you get a better body in 2017. Prop yourself against a wall, set your legs apart, pick a set of weights and then twist your body from one side to another to work your oblique.

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