6 Dancers Stand in Formation. Seconds Later Leave Crowd Stunned When They Go Flying Thru the Air

By now, you’ve probably seen your fair share of synchronized routines via video, but trust me when I say that you’ve never seen anything quite like what the incredible dancers in the video below can do.
Their mind-boggling routine starts off slow with graceful ballet-like moves, but as soon as the music starts picking off, the dancers show the audience the full extent of what they can do. With a performance that combines grace with high-power acrobatics worthy of the Olympics, this Asia group of dancers managed to keep all guests on the edge of their seats throughput their routine.
Looking at the precision and timing with which they execute their every move, it’s hard to believe they are even humans. Their choreography was flawless, and it actually looks more like a computer animation than a real performance. It’s almost too perfect to be true. But make no mistakes, this is 100% real and the result of extensive training and hours spent practicing.
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