4 Young Teens Bully Elderly Woman to Tears, But They Are Clueless Who Is Behind Her

It seems that not a single day goes by without hearing about cases of bullying in the news. But it’s usually kids that are the target. However, as the video below clearly shows, adults can be the victims of bullying as well.
A grandmother to 8 grandkids, widow Karen Huff Klein has been around kids and knows that they can sometimes say hurtful things. But she never imagined that she would be brought to tears by the nasty comments made by disrespectful teens.
After retiring from her job as a school bus driver, Karen took on the job of school bus monitor which involves keeping an eye on students as they are riding the bus to and back from school. She thought the job would allow her to take it easy, but she was wrong.
Karen ended up being humiliated by a group of teenagers who incessantly taunted and harassed her, using foul language to embarrass her in front of other students riding the bus. What’s more, the teens recorded everything.
But luckily, this is not how it all ended. After Karen’s story was made public, many kind people came together to help the elderly woman. Thanks to them, the woman is now $700,000 richer and says she will use the money to start out fresh.
No matter how old you are, getting bullied has serious consequences on your life. Please share this video with others to help raise awareness against this form of aggression that is becoming more and more common nowadays.

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