4 teens groove along to 60s song. Now watch their epic moves when music suddenly changes

They say that your high school years play an important role when it comes to shaping your personality. It’s a time when most of us develop friendships that we plan on keeping forever and when we learn to discover more about ourselves, what we like and what we strive to achieve in the future.
But above all, the years you spend in high school provide a great opportunity to have lots and lots of fun, and experiment with things without worrying about making a fool out of yourself. And the four teens in the video below seem eager to make the most out of every opportunity to have fun.
So when they were given the chance to perform at a school event in front of many of their peers and friends, they decided to go all in and put on a show that no one will be ever to forget anytime soon.
Their routine was their own spin of those famous YouTube choreographies that are meant to portray the evolution of dance, and it’s something that will instantly put you in the mood for dancing. Titled the “New Evolution of Dance” the clip showing their awesome performance was watched by almost two million people on YouTube alone.
Check it out:

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