16 Beautiful Ladies Dressed In Red Take The Stage, Crowd Gasps When They Begin To Float

Get ready because you are about to see something you’ve probably never seen before.
In the video below, sixteen gorgeous girls take the stage dressed in red from head to toe to deliver an outstanding performance that will leave you open mouthed.
This is actually a Russian folk dance called Berezka and is absolutely captivating to watch. That’s because the young woman actually look like there are floating on stage. The dance originated in 1948, and tradition was carried on from one dance assemble to another. We’re definitely happy that the secret of the dance didn’t get lost over time, because this is downright mesmerizing.
The secret of the dance actually lies in the special technique dancers use to perform this routine. Appropriately called “sliding steps” (or “floating steps”), it involves taking tiny gliding steps. That, combined with the voluminous dresses that go all the way down to the ground thus covering the dancers’ feet creates the illusion of them floating above ground.
Technique aside, the end results is a joy to watch!
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