11-Year-Old Girl Sings Original Song, Her Partner Jumps in and Performance Totally Changes

Jadyn Rylee might be young but she has some big plans for herself. At only 11-years-old, Jadyn is not only a talented musician but also a famous YouTuber. Her covers of popular songs gain thousands of views online, but this is just the beginning.
Jadyn has recently started getting into composing her own music as well, and even debuted a song that she has contributed to as far as the lyrics and music go. To perform it in front of the cameras, Jadyn got a friend onboard, an equally young and equally talented boy named Brayden.
The collaboration between them also signified the start of a beautiful friendship, and the special bond between them only adds to the emotion of the song. Jadyn is the kind of artist who always wears her heart on her sleeve, so it is really no surprise that she feels so comfortable singing with a new friend.
Both Jadyn’s and Brayden’s talent are obvious, but the best part about this performance has to be how in tune with each other they seem. It’s like they knew exactly what the other was thinking and what to do to flawlessly complement one another. You need to see this!

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