10-year-old donates her hair to kids with cancer. Then classmates bully her

10-year-old Jetta Fosberg is a little girl with a huge heart. Despite her young age, Jetta is determined to make a difference in the world for the better. She is kind and generous, so she wanted to do her part and make society a little bit better in any way she can.
Because she had long, beautiful hair for which many of her classmates envied her, Jetta decided to cut it all off and donate it to help kids with cancer. She gave her hair to an awesome organization called Wigs for Kids which uses donated hair to create beautiful wigs for children who have this disease.
Her gesture is incredible, especially for a kid her age. However, not everybody appreciated her desire to make an impact on society. On her first day back at school after she had cut off her hair, fellow students started making fun of her short hair.
They bullied her saying she looked like a boy and made her feel bad. After Jetta told her mom what was going on at school, the woman decided to share the story on Facebook, hoping to inspire people to stand against bullies and protect kids like Jetta who are fighting for a better tomorrow.

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