Easy No Bake Oreo Cake (with video)

This No Bake Oreo Cake is a stunning dessert with layers of oreo cookies, fresh strawberries and creamy cheesecake. It’s easy to make with a few simple ingredients. Perfect for a party!

This is most popular oreo cake recipes, and tastes as good as it looks!

This recipe is a variation on the traditional zebra cake made with chocolate wafers and whipped cream. We swapped oreos for chocolate wafers and made it into a dome shape instead of a log. And what you get is a serious showstopper!

The cake filling is stiff enough to hold small candles if you’re using it as a birthday cake.

How to Make No Bake Oreo Cake

To make it, all you need are 6 simple ingredients, some plastic wrap and a 4-quart glass mixing bowl about 11 inches wide.

Start by separating the oreo creams from the cookies using a knife.

Then line the bowl with a double layer of plastic wrap, which will come in handy later for unmolding. Then start dipping the black oreo pieces into milk and lining the bowl with them, logo facing the bowl.

The milk will help the oreos mold to the bowl. If the cookies don’t come up to the rim of the bowl, you make need to cut some in half to fill the gap as shows below.

The next step is making the cake filling using cool whip and cream cheese. If you can’t find cool whip, then you can substitute two cups of heavy cream beaten until stiff with a 1/2 cup of powdered sugar folded in at the end.

Some people have commented they prefer not to use strawberries, which you can definitely skip or replace with raspberries.

Here is the step-by-step process for making this oreo cake:


Tips and Tricks for Making Oreo Cake

There are a few handy tips to keep in mind when making this oreo cake:

  • Use a pyrex bowl for the mold, since the plastic wrap adheres better to glass than plastic or steel.
  • Soften your cream cheese using these tricks to make it easier to work with and save you time.
  • Dip the oreos in milk one at a time and mold them right away before they get soggy
  • If the finished cake feels soft or unstable, you can always freeze for 1-2 hours to firm it up and get a clean cut.

If you don’t have a 4-quart mixing bowl on hand, you can use a different size. Just pour quarts of water into the bowl you have to check the volume, and then adjust your ingredient proportions accordingly. This recipe is flexible that way.

There has also been a big debate about whether to include the strawberries or not. It’s your choice, as this cake is delicious both ways. If you prefer not to use strawberries then raspberries are another option keeping with the red theme!


  1. 40-50 Oreo cookies
  2. 1 cup milk
  3. 16 ounces cream cheese
  4. 3 1/2 cups cool whip thawed
  5. 2/3 cup sugar
  6. 2-3 cups strawberries chopped


  1. Separate the cream from oreos using a knife. Place cookies onto a plate, and creams into a bowl.
  2. Line a 4-quart mixing bowl with plastic wrap.
  3. One by one, dip the separated oreo pieces into the milk and place around the bowl according to the video.
  4. In a medium bowl, mix cream cheese and sugar until smooth.
  5. Add oreo creams, use a hand mixer to mix well until well. Add cool whip and combine with the mixture.
  6. Spread the cream mixture on top of oreos in the bowl, followed by another layer of oreos, then cream and strawberries. Keep layering until you reach the top of the bowl, ending with oreos.
  7. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
  8. Remove the plastic wrap on top of oreos, and place a plate on top. Gently invert the bowl onto the plate. Slowly lift the bowl with the plastic wrap to unmold.
  9. Cut and serve pieces with a knife. Enjoy!


source: tipbuzz

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