Abandoned Pit Bull Pup Is Adopted By Firefighter Who Saved Her Life

She was neglected by her owner and lived a life of misery. But one day, everything changed for a puppy named Chunkie—all thanks to Mike the firefighter.

Mike was out walking when he saw a puppy tied to a pole. Nobody seemed to care about her and it was raining hard. The puppy was abandoned, alone, and seemingly very neglected.

Mike waited a while as he kept an eye out for an owner, but after no one turned up, he decided to take action.

Mike Thawley, who works at the Sacramento Fire Department, took the puppy to the fire station, where he washed her up made sure she was okay.

Knowing that she needed to be cared for by a vet, Thawley left the dog in the capable hands of the staff at the Front Street Animal Shelter so she could get some much-needed TLC. What he didn’t expect was how quickly she bonded with the firefighter, something that was apparent when he returned for a visit. (Video below). But it wasn’t long before they met again.

Just a day later, Mike went back to the animal shelter to greet Chunkie. And the reunion was magical! The moment when Chunkie realizes that her guardian angel has come to visit is unbeatable.
We’re keep our fingers crossed that Chunkie finds a loving forever home soon. But their reunion had an even happier ending than expected. Although he intended to just foster Chunkie, a recent update indicates that after the shelter held the pup for a required waiting period — just in case her owners came to claim her — the firefighter decided to do more than just foster the dog.

According to KCRA, Chunkie now has a forever home with the man who rescued her. That’s right — instead of just fostering her, Thawley decided to give her a forever home.

“I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for pit bulls,” Mike told reporters.

Although Mike’s wife said she hesitated at adopting because they already have two dogs, it didn’t take long to convince her once the couple’s three daughters met the oh-so-sweet Chunkie.

Now that’s a happy ending for a dog who definitely deserves a happy life with her new family.

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